How to Request SBI Demand Draft Online?

If you are in need of a demand draft which is also referred to as DD. Then you can request one online. Today in this article we will learn how you can request SBI demand draft online.

You will need to have access to your internet banking account in order to request a DD online in SBI. So make sure you have your username and login password ready with you.

But in case if you have not yet registered for internet banking. Then you can do it within 5 minutes using the help of the “New User” option on the official website of SBI.

Steps to Make Demand Draft in SBI Online

Request SBI Demand Draft Online

Time needed: 10 minutes

You can make an SBI demand draft online using the internet banking services of the bank. This will not take more than 10 minutes of your time.

  1. Login to SBI Internet Banking.

    You have to log in to your internet banking account. To do so first you have to visit the official website of SBI and use the “Login” button.Click on the Login Button on Homepage of SBI Online

  2. Click on Request & Enquiries.

    After you login into the account click on “Request & Enquiries” option. You can find it in the top menu bar.Click on Request & Enquiries in SBI Internet Banking Portal

  3. Click on Issue Demand Draft.

    On the Request & Enquiries page you have to click on “Issue Demand Draft” option.Click on Issue Demand Draft in SBI Online

  4. Enter your Profile Password to Continue.

    To continue to requesting a demand draft you have to enter your profile password. Enter it and click on the “Submit” button.Enter Profile Password in SBI Online

  5. Select the Bank Account Number from Using Which you Want to Pay for the DD.

    All the accounts you have with SBI will be dislpayed with number and the nicknames. Now you have to select thnt number from which you want to issue teh DD.Select your Bank Account Number in SBI Online

  6. Enter the Amount of the Demand Draft.

    This is where have to enter the monetary value of the DD.Enter the Amount of DD in SBI Online

  7. Enter the Name of Person or Entity in Whose Favour you want the DD.

    After entering the amount, you have to enter the name of the person of the entity in whose favour you want the DD to be issued by SBI.Enter the in Favour of Name

  8. Select the Purpose. (optional)

    You can select the purpose why you are issuing the DD. There is a drop-down menu which can be used by you. This step is not mandatory and you can skip this if you wish to.Select Purpose of DD

  9. Enter the Branch Code where the DD Should be Issued at.

    This option lets you select the branch at which the DD will be issued. By default your home branch will be selected. You can change it by entering the branch code of your choice.Select Issue Branch of DD

  10. Enter the Branch Code where the DD Should be Payable at.

    Now you have to enter the branch code where the DD has to payable at. The branch name will be displayed automatically when you enter the code.Select the Branch Where the DD is Payable

  11. Select the Delivery Mode and Click on Submit.

    There are two delivery modes that you can choose from. If you wish you can collect the DD in person from the issusing branch. And you can also receive it via courier. Once you have selected the delivery mode click on the “Submit” button.Select DD Delivery Mode in SBI Online

You have to take special care of a few things like the spelling of the name, the amount, the issuing branch and the payable branch code.

Before you click on the “Submit” button make sure all the details are entered correctly. The amount will be deducted from the balance of selected account.

Things to Know:

  • If you have hidden account, then you should unhide them to use.
  • Please dont select administrative offices like RBOs, ZOs, LHOs, SBLCs, RACPCs, etc. as the paying branch at which demend draft is to be payable.
  • The Purpose selected for the Transaction will appear in your Account Statement.
  • You can issue a Demand Draft from any of your Accounts (Savings Bank, Current Account, Cash Credit & OverDraft).
  • If the Mode of Delivery is Collect in Person, you can collect the draft from the debit branch.
  • If the mode of delivery is courier, the Demand Draft will be mailed to your registered address. For this, ₹59.00 (Including Goods and Service Tax) will be added to the commission amount.
  • Select ‘Collect in Person’ option only if you can visit your home branch during their working hours.
  • The courier charges for delivery of demand draft by courier – ₹50 + Goods and Service Tax.