How to Solve “No Accounts Mapped For This Username” in SBI Online?

If you are getting the “No Accounts Mapped For This Username” when you login into your SBI internet banking account.

Then you can refer to this guide to learn how you can solve this error and get back your accounts in the “Account Summary” section.

What are the Reasons to Get this Error?

No Accounts Mapped for this Username Error

There are two major reasons why you might be getting this error. The first reason is you might have hidden the bank account.

State Bank of India lets the customers hide and unhide bank accounts in the internet banking portal. So if you have done this then the problem to this solution is very easy.

Login in to your account → Click on “My Profile & Accounts” → Click on “Profile” → Click on “Manage Account Display” → Click on “Unhide” → Select Your Account Number or Nickname → Click on “Submit”.

The second reason for this error is you might not have full privilege access to internet banking services.

In this case login to your account → Click on “Request & Enquiries” → Click on “Upgrade Access Level” → Select your Bank Account Number → Choose “Full Access” from the drop-down menu → Click on the “Submit” button.

Most of the times customers of the bank log in with the login details which are given to them in the welcome kit.

Those details don’t come with full access to the account. So upgrading the access level will help you out 80% of the time.

This is how you can solve the “No Accounts Mapped For This Username” error.

Still the Problem is not Solved?

Even after trying both the solution to the error. If you are still seeing the same error when you log in.

Then you should first clear your browser cache and log in again to your account. And even if this does not work for you.

Then I recommend you to call the customer care of the State Bank of India on 1800 425 3800. The support team of the bank will definitely help you out.