How to Delete a Beneficiary in SBI Online?

If you want to transfer money from your SBI bank account. Then it is recommended to add the account as a beneficiary. But if you wish to delete a beneficiary account after transferring the money. Then you can do that.

In this article, we will learn how you can delete a beneficiary in SBI Online or the internet banking of the bank. The process is very easy but you will need access to your internet banking account. (username and the login password)

Many people think that once they delete a beneficiary account it can not be added back. But this is not true. If you wish to add the same bank account again as a beneficiary. Then you can do that the bank’s system will not stop adding it.

Steps to Delete a Beneficiary in SBI Online

Delete a Beneficiary in SBI Online

Time needed: 5 minutes

It will not take more than 5 minutes of your time to delete a beneficiary account in SBI Online. Follow the steps explained below to do it.

  1. Visit the Official Website of the State Bank of India.

    First of all open the browser that you use and visit the official website of the State Bank of India.Visit the Official Website of State Bank of India

  2. Login to your Internet Banking Account.

    After opening or visiting the official website of the State Bank of India. You have to login into your account by entering your account details.Click on the Login Button on Homepage of SBI Online

  3. Click on My Accounts & Profile.

    Once you have logged in to your account click on “My Accounts & Profile”Click on My Accounts & Profile in SBI Online

  4. Click on Profile on My Accounts & Profile Page.

    After that, you have to select the “Profile” option by clicking on it on the My Accounts & Profile page.Click on Profile in SBI Online

  5. Click on Add & Manage Beneficiary Option.

    On the profile page of the internet banking portal. You have to select “Add & Manage Beneficiary” by clicking on it.Click on Add & Manage Beneficiary in SBI Online

  6. Enter your Profile Password and Click on Submit.

    Before you can manage the beneficiaries in your account, you have to enter your profile password and click on the “Submit” button.Enter Profile Password in SBI Online

  7. Click on Delete Tab.

    There are different tabs in the beneficiaries section. You have to select the “Delete” tab by clicking on it.Click on Delete Beneficiary Tab in SBI Online

  8. Select the Beneficiary Account and Click on Delete.

    All the beneficiaries that you have added to your account will be displayed to you. Now you have to select the account number or the nickname, click on “Show Details”. And then click on the “Delete” button.Select the Beneficiary and Click on Delete

The beneficiary account will be instantly deleted after select and click on the delete button. For more help, you can call the customer care of the State Bank of India on 1800 425 3800.